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I’m aging…

I have a creases across my forehead that seemed to appear overnight.

I have an awful lot of proof of all the laughing I have enjoyed.

My body is not as slim or firm as it used to be.

And I suspect more of my hair is grey than isn’t…

I feel so grateful to be aging for there are so many that don’t get this pleasure.

I also notice the internal voice and it’s running commentary on my visible aging.

And I know that same commentary echoes around the heads of so many other women.

And not just about aging but the way we look in general.

We feel such a pressure to look different to how we actually look.

I mean its ludicrous really isn’t it??

Many have and do try to look different to how we really look. WTF!!

When scrolling through social media I am really aware of how a large majority of pictures are filtered and the widespread use of fillers.

And it’s not just your average Jane, all manner of leaders and coaches are doing the same.

It makes me wonder, what else about you are you hiding…?

Personally I quit my addiction to filters a while back, I made an uncomfortable commitment to myself, to be more myself to more people.

Perhaps you’ll consider my position one of being in a glass house because I do colour my hair and wear make up, both of which obscure my true look.

And I’m not sitting here judging, rather noticing.

Noticing a widespread propensity to reject our true selves and to fall foul to the fear of not being enough in our natural form.

When in history did this become a thing?

I feel a wholesale coming back to a place of greater authenticity, this I also see when scrolling, but it’s a slow process.

I commit to playing my part in a much needed shift, and showing up more and more as my true self in both my looks and my personality.

As I continue to learn to love myself on a deeper level I am able to step further away from the deeply embedded pressures of society (and society is all of us) to be that which I am not.

I want for my daughter to feel safe and loved and accepted for exactly who she is and how she looks.

To create this as her reality I must first be the change I desire to see.

Let’s take a stand for authenticity.

Let’s take a stand for self love as we are.

Because let’s be honest… pretending to be anything other than what we are is exhausting!

What part of your mask are you willing to drop to show us more of who you really are?

What moves are you making to be more authentic against an internal and/or external narrative to be otherwise?

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