She’s only gone and launched her first single!

She’s only gone and launched her first single!

Let me tell you about Emma.

When we first shared a coaching space together Emma was flat, sad, low energy and unmotivated.

She felt stuck, lost and incredibly lonely.

She had no sight of her value and inherent beauty.

A natural creative, songwriter and singer and she yet wasn’t writing or singing because she was crippled with perfectionism and self doubt.

Her inner light was burned out and being so disconnected from her passion and creative outlet was hurting her at a soul level.

During our time together Emma was able to make sense of where she was at and create shifts in her thinking that allowed her to start reconnecting with herself.

Her spark ignited and bit by bit her inner light began to burn brightly again.

She started with regularly sharing heartfelt and honest accounts of her emotions and learnings.

And then came the songs, one after another, they were just flowing out of her.

All originals sung with her angelic voice and such confidence on camera.

To say I am proud to witness Emma blooming is an understatement.

And this week came the announcement of the launch of her first single!

My heart is so full for this woman who took what felt like a punt on herself at a time she just didn’t feel worthy or able.

Emma’s story beautifully models how you can create a 360 in your life and how it feels for you when you invest and commit.


With Emma’s permission here’s the link to her amazing song

Are you ready to shift out of burnout and reignite your inner flame?

If you’re committed to creating life altering shifts in the way you think and be I would love to hear from you so we can arrange a time to speak about options for co-creating together. Send me a message.


Next week will be the release of my brand new eBook – Top 10 Tips to permanently shift from burnout to Living with Vitality

This book is potent for anyone that is in or experiences repeating cycles of burnout and is ready to put an end to the cycle 🛑

To claim your hot off the press copy send me a message with the words BYE BYE BURNOUT.

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