Does anyone else struggle to receive?

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Does anyone else struggle to receive?

I’ve found this hard myself in the past and I’ve seen it time and time again with my clients.

Women that want to be seen, heard, understood and supported but struggle to get these needs met.

Why is that?

Surely it’s not a case that everyone else is selfish…

Perhaps there’s something in our ability, or lack of, to receive?

As women it’s in our nature to give but it doesn’t seem so natural for many to be on the receiving end of giving.

For many of my clients receiving a compliment, gift or support can be really quite uncomfortable.

There can be many reasons for this such as –

– Fear of intimacy and connection
– Feeling selfish which is deemed as ‘bad’
– Not feeling worthy
– A self imposed need to reciprocate
– Fear of ulterior motives
– Needing to be in control

But what if there were joy to be found in receiving?

What if you could get your needs met and boost your self-esteem?

What if you could let the person doing the giving enjoy the experience of making you feel good, in turn making them feel good?

What if you could restore balance in your relationships?

How would that feel?

If you’re ready to find out drop me a message, I’d love to give you a coaching space to discover the joy of receiving x

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