Don’t be angry!

Anger is ugly, bad, wrong…

Oh ok well what shall I do with it then because I do feel angry?

Ok I’ll stuff it down and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Only it does…

And now it’s there lurking in the subconscious of my mind waiting to attack like a monster when poked.

And while it waits it will fester in my body, antagonising my immune system.

Erupting through my skin…
Giving me earache…
Making me depressed…
Causing weight gain…
Giving me bladder infections…

It will seep out in passive aggressiveness, complaining, silent resentment, shaming others.

Oh no the monster got poked…

Now it’s exploding all over the place.

No hope of controlling it, the anger is controlling me now!

See anger is ugly, bad, wrong…

Or is it?

What if it’s not the anger itself that causes destruction but the unconscious act of denying and suppressing it?

What if anger is a useful message wanting to be heard?

What if anger is love? And passion?

What if anger is beautiful when allowed, felt and expressed?

When we change our relationship with anger…

When we learn how to be with our anger and to express it in healthy ways…

We gift ourselves so much.

Feeling, truly feeling 💜

A sense of aliveness 💜

Passion and fire 💜

An internal navigation system guiding us through life 💜

The polarity of calm 💜

Connected and lasting relationships that haven’t had to withstand explosions 💜

Physical healing 💜

Are you ready to heal your relationship with anger?

Are you ready to gift yourself more of the joy life has to offer?

Come on then let’s talk about how we do this.

I promise to provide a container for your emotions and to guide you through being with that you don’t yet know how to be with.

I’ve got you 💜

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