You need to know this!

Your body is always talking to you, can you hear its magic?

A client mentioned in passing that she was getting some acne along her jaw line.

She was ready to brush past this.

However, I knowing that the body is always communicating dug deeper.

And what transpired was illuminating.

Both acne and the jaw point to a lack of love and acceptance of oneself.

In noticing the cue and being willing to receive its message we were able to get to the bottom of a very deep pattern.

This lovely lady eats Fruit and Fibre cereal every day, often for three meals of the day!

If this lady’s partner comes for dinner she makes him a lovely frittata.

She serves it all to him, giving him the left overs in a doggy bag.

She gives none to herself as she pours herself another bowl of fruit and fibre!

Perhaps she doesn’t like frittata?

Actually she does…

Perhaps she wants to eat fruit and fibre three meals a day?

Actually she doesn’t.

For the last four years she has known and wanted to address her nutrition.

And yet she hasn’t been able to make progress.

She’s a smart and capable woman who raises a child well and excels in a high level corporate job and yet this one thing she has wanted and needed to do for the last four years has evaded her.

Knowing what and how to do something…

Wanting to do something…

Are not enough to ensure achievement of goals and desires.

You have got to get to know your blocks, resistances and beliefs that are working against the manifestation of your desires.

You need a tool kit for recognising when these are at play and for overcoming them.

This is why coaching is so necessary.

My lovely client couldn’t see the blocks to achieving her better nutrition desire.

She couldn’t see she hasn’t been loving herself well enough to feed herself well.

She couldn’t see serving her parter delicious food and not for herself was an attempt to gain his acceptance as she was unable to give it to herself.

When I serve you powerfully as a coach I provide a mirror to you so that you can see what is embedded in your subconscious and how it is creating your experience of life.

I help you to see what you can not see, because if you can’t see it you have no chance of overcoming it.

Like this lady you’ll still be chasing after the same change 4 years later!

I want to help you achieve your goals and desires.

I want to help you create a life you love living.

To do that we need to share a space so that I can hear you.

For me to help you you’ve got to get out of your own way and ask me for my help.

So ask me 💜

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