How are your stress levels lovely people?

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How are your stress levels lovely people?

I know it’s an intense and unusual time with all routines out the window and lots of worry about the health of ourselves and our loved ones.

It’s important we do our best to keep our stress levels low because stress reduces our immune system.

Here’s a few simple tips to reduce stress –

• Don’t over indulge on caffeine and nicotine – both are stimulants so will increase not reduce stress. Try a herbal or decaf option and some slow deep breaths instead.

• Get some physical activity – there are loads of online workouts for the whole family at the moment so take advantage of those or just get some music on and dance it out!

• Get enough sleep – not only do we get vital body and immune repair when we sleep but we all know we feel dazed and like everything is harder when we’re tired.

• Make time for relaxation techniques – yoga and meditation are great for encouraging slow deep breathing which helps to switch off the stress response but it could also be as simple as some colouring or watching something funny.

• Plan your day – maybe you’re juggling working from home as well as home schooling the kids. It’s a lot to do and is likely to get a little overwhelming. Try creating yourself a simple daily plan and don’t forget to schedule in breaks.

• Talk to someone – we are obviously limited at the moment in terms of seeing people but we can still call and video call our friends and family. A problem shared is a problem halved after all!

If it’s all feeling a bit much and overwhelming drop me a message, I’m here to help ❤️

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