If your gut is unhealthy so is your overall system!

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It’s time to really focus on our health and in particular our immune systems.

Around 70% of immune related tissue lives in our guts. So now is not the time to be eating junk 🍕

If your gut is unhealthy so is your overall system!

Plenty of fresh fruit and veg is in order and try to keep sugar and processed foods to a minimum.

It sounds gross but bone broth does wonders for gut health and immunity. There’s a recipe in my group or drop me a message.

There’s a few other simple things you can do to boost immunity such as –

Ginger – add to juices or hot water for ginger tea

Turmeric – add it to smoothies, sprinkle on veggies before roasting or add to soups

Garlic – most potent raw!

Vitamin C supplement – the ascorbate type

Elderberry syrup – this is my go to! It’s super strength vitamin C

Fermented foods and drinks – such as kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut (start slow and build up to avoid a shock to the system)

I know it’s not easy to get all the food variety that we want right now but use what you have and get what you can.

Just a few little tweaks can make all the difference.

Let’s boost our immune systems 🔥

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