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Burnout is an occupational phenomenon resulting from ‘chaotic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed’…World Health Organisation (WHO).

I became burned out (whilst other people in my team didn’t) because of me not because of my employer!‼

️With a strong PERFECTIONIST streak I set impossible standards for myself and never felt what I produced was good enough…‼

️Not able to easily admit to feeling OVERWHELMED I didn’t ask for nor accept help for fear of appearing inadequate…‼️

As a PEOPLE PLEASER I struggled to say no. I took on too many responsibilities, worked long hours and took few breaks…‼

️With LOW SELF WORTH I felt unable to volunteer and promote my successes and attributes which led to feeling overlooked and unvalued…

None of these behaviours were limited to the workplace, they were apparent throughout my life.

My belief is that we are the creators of our burnout through how we be in the world.

I’m not pointing the finger rather empowering you!

As the creator of your burnout you can also be the creator of your recovery 💜

Burnout shows up in the workplace and can be exacerbated by it but my view is it starts with us.

I’ve coached many clients who have been employed, self employed and not working at all and they were all experiencing degrees of burnout.

Are you feeling burned out at work?

And also in your personal life?

I have the blueprint for BURNOUT RECOVERY if you are willing to take ownership of your physical, mental and emotional health?

Doing so empowers you to learn how to put an end to the burnout cycle and move into feeling ENERGISED, INSPIRED and VIBRANT.

I currently have 3 spots for 1-2-1 clients available. To be considered for one of these places book in for a 15 minute complimentary consultation call.

Meanwhile keep your 👀 open for my forthcoming brand new eBook – Top 10 Tips To Shift From Burnout To Living With Vitality.

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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