I feel like myself again!

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I feel like myself again!

Is the response I got when I asked my client how she felt in her final session last week.

Ten weeks prior when we started, her health was in a bad way and so of course her mood wasn’t much better.

On starting I asked her to complete a health questionnaire. She had 45 symptoms!!

No wonder she felt like crap…

Her symptoms showed both her body and mind were stressed –

Digestive issues
Disturbed sleep
Poor concentration and memory
And so much more!

We worked on her body and mind in tandem.

The result?

10 weeks later she’s gone from 45 symptoms to 9!

Not only does she feel physically better but she’s happy too and for the first time in a long time she likes who she is 💜

She’s found a renewed zest for life!

Are you sick of being sick?

Tired of feeling tired?

Do you want to rediscover yourself?

I’d love to tell you more about my Zest for Life coaching programme.

You can send me a message or book a complimentary discovery session using the link in the comments.

If now isn’t the time to feel amazing, when is?

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