Mirror mirror on the wall, how you trigger me most of all!

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Mirror mirror on the wall, how you trigger me most of all!

Who in your life winds you up?

What do they do that gets on your nerves?

When my clients are triggered by the actions of others we look for the same behaviour within them.

What we dislike in others, we dislike in ourselves.

We are all, all things.

I help my clients to focus on their own behaviour, as that is the only behaviour over which they have control.

I help them to speak their truth whilst knowing they can’t control the outcome.

Only their own input.

I help them find peace and acceptance for their own perceived shortcomings so that they can experience greater peace in their relationships with others.

Would your relationships benefit from greater acceptance of yourself and others?

Are you ready to invest in your own journey?

If you’re ready. I’m ready.

Let’s have a conversation 💜

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