Are you too busy and tired to have fun?

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Are you too busy and tired to have fun?

One of my gorgeous clients came to me with the weight of the world on her shoulders.

A busy professional and single mum to three school age kids, she had little time for herself or fun.

She wanted to improve the relationship with her kids, aware she was short tempered with them owing to all she had on her plate.

We’ve worked on her health leading to an increase in her energy levels.

We’ve worked on her lifestyle and switched a few things up which has created more time.

And we’ve worked on her mindset releasing some of the high expectations she had placed on herself (many not even her own).

And the result?

This weekend when the kids wanted to build a den which involved dragging mattresses downstairs she responded differently.

First off she wasn’t consumed with the thoughts of how much mess there would be to tidy up.

Secondly when the mattresses wedged in the curved stairs she got involved in using them as slides!

The kids were delighted to have their mum so present and up for having fun.

Would you like more energy, time, patience, fun and better relationships?

I’d love to help you achieve them.

Drop me a message or book a complimentary discovery session with me.

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