I was fat, sick & miserableĀ ?

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I was fat, sick & miserableĀ ?

About to turn 30 on the left, supposedly my prime, but that couldnā€™t have been further from the truth!

Extreme tiredness, digestive issues, weight gain, an under active thyroid, chronic fatigue.

And moreā€¦

It took a further few years before I finally decided enough was enough!

I removed inflammatory foods, went organic, removed chemicals and employed a health coach.

I lost weight, most of my symptoms subsided & life was pretty good.

But after a while worst fear came true, my health declined again!

I had to ask, was there more to it than just my physical health?Ā ?

I decided I needed some help with my mindset and started working with a coach.

On my journey I came to realise that health is more than what you eat. Itā€™s what you think, say and believe too.

Turns out I didnā€™t think too highly of myself…

But now is a totally different story. The turnaround in my life is stark, Iā€™m happier, more confident and so much more self-accepting now.

Through the combination of working on both my body and my mind, I am physically well, full of energy and once again highly motivated!

I now help other women to reenergise their physical and mental health.

Would you want to hear how Iā€™ve turned my life around and explore how you can do the same? If so I would love to offer you a safe coaching space to do so.

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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