How heavy are the expectations on you?

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How heavy are the expectations on you?

How many of those have you put on yourself?

Could you be placing too high expectations on yourself?

Repeatedly setting too high and too many expectations for ourselves, which we will inevitably not be able to achieve, is setting ourselves up for ‘failure’ and damaging for our self esteem.

I coach women to help them identify the expectations they have placed on themselves so as to achieve their idea of perfection.

How they should look
How they should mother
How they should work
How they should act
How a house should be kept

To name a few…

When we start digging we find so many more and when we stop to question them often times my clients realise they don’t even agree with the expectation they’ve been endeavouring to live up to!

They have simply adopted someone else’s version of ideal, accepting it as a fact of life.

It’s amazing to see these beautiful women liberate themselves as they free themselves from expectations.

As they remember they get to write their own script as they are the director of their own life movie.

As they realise the only obligation they have is to live their life their way and to be true to who they really are.

If you’re ready to end expectation and enjoy more peace in your life, let me know as I would love to give you a coaching space to explore.

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