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I’m a junkie ?

It’s the white stuff I’m afraid…


I’ve been sober for three years and sometimes I think I miss the taste of sugar.

But I definitely don’t miss the sugar hang overs!

You know when you’ve had a sugar binge and the next day you wake up with a foggy head and generally a bit lethargic?

I also don’t miss the acne, the belly fat, the low energy nor the crankiness when I couldn’t get my ‘fix’.

Perhaps you thought I was exaggerating calling myself a junkie?

But did you know that sugar affects the same part of the brain as cocaine?

Over time your body needs more and more sugar to give you the same ‘high’.

Sugar addiction is real.

Ever tried cutting it out?

Mood swings, headaches, extreme cravings and fatigue to name a few withdrawal symptoms…

But don’t let that put you off.

The body will adjust and the health benefits are more than worth any short-term pain.

I no longer wake up with a sugar hang over, instead I spring out of bed with energy and a clear mind that lasts all day long.

Gone are the energy dips, the acne, the midriff weight and the regular blood sugar drops I used to experience.

Here’s how you can improve your health and energy by reducing refined sugar in your diet –

  • It’s not always obvious, so know where sugar is hiding. Cereal bars, yoghurts, processed foods and refined grains are common ones.
  • Remove temptation and get rid of any sugary items in your cupboards. If they are there you will more than likely eat them!
  • Start the day off right with a decent breakfast including protein and fat.
  • Be prepared. Avoid finding yourself hungry when out and about as you’ll either have no option but to buy something sugary or your need for a quick fix will take over.
  • Get a decent sleep as you are more likely to reach for a quick blast of energy from a sugary snack when you are tired and need a quick boost.

It’s time to quit being a junkie and sober up!







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