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I offered a friend one of my juicy cherries, which she declined!

She explained that she was on the keto diet and that fruit isn’t allowed!

Fruit, not allowed?!

But that wasn’t all of it…

It was what she did next that astounded me!

She drank a bottle of coke. Yup, coca cola! If you thought I meant cocaine, you might need some help 😉

WTF!!! I told her. You can’t eat fruit, which grows on this earth, but you can drink coke, which is a manmade factory concoction??

I repeated…


Diet coke may have less calories, zero calories in fact, and no carbohydrates, meaning zero sugar… but…

Let’s look at the facts:

Cherry ingredients = Cherry


Diet coke ingredients = Carbonated water, caramel colour, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate, natural flavours, citric acid, caffeine!

Hmmm, sounds healthy, doesn’t it?

Do you even know what most of those ingredients are? Do you even care?

I remember when I didn’t care…

I ate what I wanted without any thought of how what I ate impacted my body.

The damage doesn’t show up immediately, it can take months and years, decades even!

So, it’s easy to dismiss the long-term impact of what we eat today.

I get it but, trust me prevention is better than cure.

I’m talking from experience here.

The food I used to eat, was ruining my health!

For the record I’m not against the keto diet but I do encourage you to think wisely about the foods and drinks you consume.

Personally, I want the foods I eat to be as close to its natural state as possible, unrefined and unprocessed.

Let’s take one of the ingredients of coke as an example…


Aspartame has been linked with; headaches, seizures, depression, dizziness and weight gain as well as cancers, lupus, Alzheimer’s disease and MS!

The jury is still out but personally?

I’m not prepared to take the risk.

I want the foods it eat to be found naturally on this earth and not ‘created’ in a factory.

Give me whole foods every day of the week.

I want honest, simple and healthy foods!


Food was once one of the main contributors to my poor health, an autoimmune thyroid condition, but these days food is my medicine!

You really are what you eat, so eat wisely!

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