The poo fairy is on strike!


The poo fairy is on strike! ??‍♀️

Perhaps talking about poo is a little bit taboo. It’s not exactly dinner party chat now is it…

Many people take a daily poop for granted.

But I used to envy those people because my bowels had pretty much shut up shop and thrown away the keys.

Who’d have thought I would be talking about poo, my poo nonetheless, on social media ?

But it’s important so I will grin and bear it!

So, constipation is something I’m sure many of you are familiar with –

• Pooping infrequently

• Hard poop

• Feeling like the passing of stools is incomplete

• Difficulty passing stools/straining

• Painful bowel movements

Maybe you think these things are ‘normal’ and they may well have become normal for you but that doesn’t mean they are healthy…

Digestive health says a lot about overall health and mine was bad.

I was fatigued, had headaches, tingling down my arms, I was covered in rashes and I had hormonal imbalances as well as an autoimmune thyroid condition ?

Plus of course I was bloated and uncomfortable most days.

Life was pretty crappy…

Sorry ha ha, it’s all shits and giggles ?

I ate well, or so I thought, and I worked out so why didn’t I have a supermodel flat tum?

It turns I had some food intolerances and over the years this had caused my digestion to be damaged.

This meant my body couldn’t properly absorb vitamins and minerals from the food I ate.

This explained a lot of my health issues. I was nutrient deficient, so my body didn’t have the tools it needed to be healthy.

These days the poo fairy and I are on great terms. She visits me regularly, daily even and goes about her business without complaint.
So, don’t despair, we can turn shit around…

Here are some tips you can try –
• Drink plenty of water – at least two litres a day
• Eat ample fibre – beans and peas of all kinds (observe how you get on with these), broccoli, apples and pears with the skin on
• Listen to your body – what foods make it better or worse?
• Identify food intolerances
• Include foods to promote gut health – bone broth, vegetables, non-dairy fermented foods, coconut oil, fatty fish and grass-fed meats
• Avoid alcohol, refined sugar, gluten and grains
• Move – get some exercise, even if it’s a gentle walk

Give some of these a go and I’m sure in no time at all the poo fairy will end her strike.

You’ll work well together, and you may come to consider her your number two… ?

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