Is this the missing piece in your wellness puzzle?

Types of Health

Is this the missing piece in your wellness puzzle?

As I see it there are five aspects of our health as humans that need to be regularly tended to so that we can FEEL and LIVE as our best selves.

Mental Health

Emotional Health

Physical Health

Energetic Health

Spiritual Health

Here I want to take a closer look at our energetic health as this is often overlooked by those wanting to feel greater vitality.

We each have an energetic body and just like with our physical and mental health, if we don’t take care of it we start to notice it’s impact.

To help you understand the energetic body, which starts inside our physical body and expands out to several inches around our body, think of a time when you have been in the company of someone rather negative and how this has drained your energy, and on the flip side when you have been at a concert or event and felt totally uplifted by all the good vibes in the room.

On some level you were aware of your energetic body but you may not have thought of it as a part of you that needs attention.

You have energy, also called life force, flowing through your body. There are seven main energy concentrations throughout your body, these are called chakras, each relates to a set of glands and organs.

When the flow of energy is blocked, it becomes stagnant and can cause dis-ease in the parts of the body where the blockage is located.

An energetic blockage can also lead to emotional and mental blockages, therefore having an influence on how we behave and the way we think and feel.

The energy body plays an important role in our wellness and warrants as much attention as what we eat, drink and think.

As our energy body is both inside of us and extends outside of our physical body, both internal and external factors can affect our energy. These can include;

With so many variables affecting our energy it is important to be aware of what is impacting our energy field, and to regularly cleanse and balance our chakras.

There are plenty of DIY methods available to you such as; yoga, breath work, meditation, gratitude and being in nature and I would encourage you to partake in a variety of these on a daily basis given your energy is being affected all day, every day.

If you find yourself in a more frequent and persistent state of low energy, poor health and/or low mood, you may consider exploring energy healing with a trained practitioner.

I myself am a Reiki 2 practitioner and have experienced both personally and through giving energy healing to clients the tremendous difference that energy healing can have on mental, emotional and physical health.

This form of energy healing is potent for;






Health conditions including autoimmunity and hormonal and fertility issues

It is also highly impactful when it comes to creating mindset shifts as our chakras are the hard drive that holds all of our personal habits, patterns, traumas, behaviours and beliefs.

Bringing balance to our chakras is therefore fundamental in creating change in the way we show up in our lives and for this reason Reiki healing is a wonderful compliment to coaching or any other mindset focussed approach.

I offer Distance Reiki which means that I do the energy healing from a separate location to you. The benefit of this is that you can be in the comfort of your own home where you feel most relaxed and ideally allow yourself to drift off into a deep sleep which you can continue beyond the end of the healing session.

I never cease to be amazed by the feedback from clients about the impact they experience on their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Three sessions are recommended initially to bring healing and balance before you move into more spaced out sessions for maintenance.

If you would like to book in for a Reiki healing session or want more information on how Reiki healing can benefit you and your wellbeing you caneither email me at or send me a message on Facebook.

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