You’re weird!

A number of ex partners have said this to me. It was meant as an insult, and at the time I took it as such…

Weird = odd and unusual.

Back then I wanted to be anything but weird. I just wanted to be seen as ‘normal’ so I could be accepted because that would be proof that I was lovable. Right…?

It’s been a bit of a journey truth be told to get me to now when I actually like being ‘weird’.

I am different compared to a lot of people and finally this feels good!

When I’m unwell I don’t pop a pill or call the doctor…

I go to my essential oil stash and refer to my Louise Hay book so I can figure out what emotion is causing it.

I have absolutely no interest in going out and getting wasted any more…

I am like a pig in shit when all alone to journal, yoga, meditate, use tarot, manifest, spend time at my altar and throw myself into the philosophies of the meaning of life.

I desire financial wealth not so I can have the best car, designer clothes or the biggest house… rather because I want my family to eat organically, drink the purest water, have access healing modalities and teachers and to explore spiritual locations.

I don’t drink coffee…

I drink bone broth.

I am contrary.

I do rebel against many norms.

And I can’t tell you how much easier it is to breath now I am accepting of my oddballness (of which there is much more…).

And guess what I am still loved 💜

Sure I am not for everyone but this doesn’t matter any more because I am for myself now.

Learning to love me exactly as I am means love from others is a beautiful bonus. Are you a weirdo too?

Are you called to really step into your own shade of oddballness for a happier life?

Perhaps you’re ready and have tried but it feels unfamiliar, uncomfortable and a tad scary to show yourself as you really are…

Maybe you have been suppressing your beautiful weird so long that you don’t know who you are…

I know EXACTLY how this feels and I want to share with you all that I’ve learned on my journey so that you too can stop censoring and filtering yourself because you know how to LOVE YOURSELF EXACTLY AS YOU ARE 💜

If your soul is saying YES I am ready to live a life I love then there’s a range of ways we can work together and I have some offers running until 19th February to sweeten the taste of investing in yourself.

If you’re not sure which path is best for you book a complimentary discovery session or send me a message.

Loving you 💜

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