It wasn’t horrendous…

It wasn’t horrendous…

For one of my clients, historically, that has been the sign of a good week, a good day or a good situation.

Living in survival mode for so many years had her convinced that not being horrendous was a good outcome!

What quality of life is there when not horrendous is your measure of success?

It’s a life where you oscillate between survival and suffering. With a distinct absence of joy and happiness.

A successful career woman with a senior HR role where she is responsible for others, a decision maker and authority figure she did a great job of putting on a brave ‘I’m fine’ face.

Whilst under the surface her thoughts were incredibly noisy and she often felt debilitated with anxiety.

The anxiety, lack of motivation, disturbed sleep and low energy that she was experiencing were all ways her body was trying to get her attention to alert her to thinking patterns and ways of being that were creating her suffering.

The mind and body are not exclusive.

To address only the physical symptoms or only the mindset, in itself creates an imbalance and disconnect between two parts of the same whole.

In teaching my client to listen and understand what her body is trying to tell her and coaching her through the emotions and thinking that caused the symptoms, we are able to bring about physical, mental and emotional healing for her.

We are able to help her create a new way of being that is lighter, happier and healthier.

Is your body speaking to you with a host of physical symptoms that despite pills and potions you can’t heal?

If you’ve answered yes to that question you need my help bring balance to your body and mind.

I’ll help you decipher what your body is trying to tell you so that you can create your health and happiness.

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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