I’ve been quiet the last few weeks…

I’ve been quiet the last few weeks…

I’ve been deep in reflection and introspection.

I’ve been swimming in my shadow.

Our shadow is the aspects of us that we have rejected, that we deny, so that we will be loved, liked and accepted.

You might find those elements that are considered ‘bad’ in your shadow like anger and selfishness.

Are they really ‘bad’ or are they just part of being human?

Could anger be a good thing?

Could it be showing us something is out of alignment?

Could selfishness be positive?

Could being selfish allow us to show up with more compassion to others?

As humans we are all, all things and so denying any aspect of our being is to deny our humanness.

Besides what we resist persists…

So those bits of us we try to deny, typically rear their heads in a seemingly uncontrollable way.

Do you find yourself biting your tongue multiple times only to lose your shit at a later date, probably over something small?

Do you give and give only to find yourself feeling resentful and burned out with nothing left to give?

The antidote?

To learn to love the parts of us we hate.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being whole.

It’s about embracing all of ourselves.

There is no light without shade.

I can only take my clients as far as I have taken myself, so I continue to do the inner work and healing.

Are you ready to let go of patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you?

If you are I would love to share a safe space with you and support you in embracing all of you and setting yourself free.

I’ll hold your hand and love you as you turn to face those parts of you that you have long rejected.

You can send me a message or book a complimentary discovery session.

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