Motherhood is the most amazing and beautiful experience 💗

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Almost 4 weeks in and like I said… WOW!

Motherhood is the most amazing and beautiful experience 💗

It’s also challenging and tougher than you can prepare for!

I’ve spent hours staring at my beautiful girl.

I’ve literally felt my heart cracking open as I experience greater levels of love than ever before.

I’ve experienced such joy at the simplest of things like a big loud burp!

I’ve also cried without knowing why, that will be the hormones…

I’ve been sleep deprived, still am but getting used to it…

I’ve lost my sense of independence and selfish living, no more weeing alone…

I’ve experienced pain in my body, why does nobody warn you about the milk coming in…?

The milk coming in is worth an extra mention!

It felt like electric shocks and being bitten by red ants all at the same time along with a risk of bursting 😣

Labour felt like a breeze in comparison to be honest.

The milk coming in almost did me in!

And I wouldn’t swap any of it.

In just a few weeks this little bundle of love has taught me to be more present and in the moment.

She’s taught me to be kinder and more patient with myself and my body.

And shes taught me even more to let go of perfection and expectation.

Loving life – the good and the challenging as you can’t know one without the other 💗

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