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This is me 👋🏾

Unwashed, dried in sick, unstyled wild hair…

Tired eye bags, no make up apart from sweat smudged mascara…

Sweating in my nursing bra with my post pregnancy belly rolls and cellulite on full display…

Never before in my life would I have posted a picture of me looking like this!

I would have judged myself not good enough and felt vulnerable to (perceived) judgment and criticism from others.

I’ve worked hard on my healing over the last few years, I’ve been digging real deep and learning to truly accept and love me.

But there are many layers to self acceptance and healing…

There’s a lot hidden in the subconscious that takes time to identify and shift.

I’ve had some lingering self rejection lurking, specifically around my appearance.

Recently something has shifted, to the point I can now confidently post this picture.

Having a baby has fundamentally changed me…

It’s given me a new appreciation for my body, I mean it grew a human being!

That’s a miracle.

I couldn’t dare be so unkind to my body now.

My body is amazing 💗The real catalyst is my daughter.

When I look at her I see perfection.

She was just born that way.

She didn’t have to do anything or change anything or be anything to be perfect.

She just is.

And so are you and so am I. We are all born perfect.

The thing that makes us think that we are not is our mind.

Well my mind can do one I’ve decided. It’s time to embrace my perfectness.

My perfect imperfectness that is because perfect isn’t even a thing!


Because children don’t do what you say, they become who you are.

If I want my daughter to grow up loving herself and knowing her perfectness, and I do, then I must genuinely and authentically demonstrate this in the way that I be.

So this is me.

Me committing to loving and accepting me more deeply.

Me letting you see me, just the way I am. Is it alway easy?


Are some days tougher than others?


But this is my commitment to me and my girl…

Every day I commit to loving and accepting me more and more 💗

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