First day back to work!!

First day back to work!!

Well work isn’t an accurate description when you lovewhat you do.

First day back in my business is a more accurate description…

I have so loved every moment of my maternity leave with my baby girl 💗

I’ve also missed coaching.

Supporting others in their growth and healing brings me so much joy.

Creating balance on all levels is at the heart of the work I do with clients.

Now it’s time for me to create balance in a new way in my life – Being the best mummy I can be and a badass business woman and coach 🔥🔥

This requires me to balance my masculine and feminine energies in a whole new way.

I’ve definitely shed a few tears today as I’ve missed my daughter and I’ve also felt elated at achieving some business related goals.

I feel excited for this new chapter in my life 😊

I’m looking forward to working with new clients and I can’t wait to see my darling Faiths face shortly, I’m going to kiss her face off 💋💗

Loving life!

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