Self care when you’re a mum

Self care when you’re a mum… yeah right!

I’ve coached many burned out mums, they’ve struggled to incorporate self care amidst family life and an endless list of priorities.

And whilst I’ve been able to empathise with the challenges, it’s not until becoming a mum myself I’ve been able to more fully sympathise with them.

My self care, a top priority prior to becoming a mum, has been almost none existent.

And I’ve been feeling it.

Self care is my soul food.

It tops up my energy and keeps me vibrant.

I’ve all sorts of things in my self care kit bag; walks in nature (we have been doing this), journaling, dancing to loud music, audio books, moon rituals, yoga, face masks, massages, meditation, time alone, to name a few…

As to be expected when my baby was first born all of that went out the window.

And it’s now no longer part of my routine so it would be easy for it to remain absent.

However, I’ve spent the last few years learning to love and prioritise me and so self care very much remains a top priority for me.

So it’s making a reappearance!

Little bits here and there and with a whole lot more flexibility…

Last night my baby girl went to bed early, I was excited to do my second session of yoga since early pregnancy (I ache today!).

So I rolled out my mat and it felt so good (also stiff and creaky!) and then she woke up!!

So off I went to settle her.

Unfortunately not a quick fix so I was gone half hour.

I could have said sod it no point carrying on with the yoga…

But there is.

Self care is important.

So I did it.

It wasn’t how I’d pictured it, it wasn’t perfect but it was done.

And yes I have a million and one other things on my to do list but to be able to show up as my best mummy self I need to look after me.

I want to lead by example and show my daughter that she and her own self care are important.

Children don’t do what we say they become who we are…

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