Here I am loving me exactly as I am right now!

Here I am loving me exactly as I am right now!

No make up and wearing my post baby belly with pride.

I used to have the mindset of – I’ll be enough when…

I lose the weight

My skin is clearer

My stomach is flat

I’m more disciplined

I get the promotion

I find a partner

Other people say so

Sound familiar?

A few years back I tuned into a subconscious pattern of mine…

Every time I walked past my hallway full length mirror, out of habit I’d look at my stomach to assess how flat or bloated it was.

The outcome would determine how worthy I felt that day!

My subconscious programming said that my worth was determined by how I look.

Logically I knew that wasn’t true.

But that’s not how I felt in my heart.

Making the unconscious conscious released me from a pattern that was most definitely not serving me.

It allowed me to create harmony between my mind and my heart and to love myself more just as I am in any given moment.

I am already enough.

You are already enough too.

Do you allow yourself to know that?

To feel that?

I help women to accept where they are and to find their worth from within, so that they can love who they are and show up as their authentic selves.

Ready to step into your power?

I’d love to offer you a safe coaching space and to support you through your journey.

Book your complimentary discovery session now.

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