How kindly do you speak to yourself?

How kindly do you speak to yourself?

Kind enough to grow? I used to be so unkind to myself…

I was pretty mean to myself to be honest!

“you’re not good enough”

“they’re smarter than you”

“you’ll mess it up”

Does this sound familiar?

My lack of confidence played out in many areas of my life; work, relationships, friendships…

Did you know negative thoughts create a trigger for the stress response in our body?

If you’re having negative thoughts and conversations with yourself multiple times a day then the stress response is being triggered multiple times per day!

Experience enough stress and you may just find yourself stuck in fight or flight.

That’s exhausting for the body and mind…

The stress response should last minutes.

Not hours, days or weeks!

That’s not an environment in which your body or mind can grow easily.

It took for me to experience two burnouts to finally say enough.

Something has to change. I went on a journey of self-discovery.

I learned to stop my inner critic having the upper hand.

I learned to say kind and encouraging words to myself.

Now I’m growing every day.

You can too.

Here’s how –

* Become aware of how you speak to yourself.

* Be your own advocate! Focus on your positive attributes.

* Use affirmations to change the way you view yourself and life.

* Work with me, I’ll help you improve the quality of your thoughts and self perception.

Don’t be the cause of stress in your life!

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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