Stop right there for just a second!

Hey you.

Yes you…

Stop right there for just a second!

Drop your shoulders down from your ears!

Roll your shoulders back and loosen your neck.

Stop holding your breath!

Take a long deep inhale into your belly and then slowly release every last bit of it.

Remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth!

Wiggle your jaw around and release any tension.

Had you realised how much stress and tension you were holding on to?

Stress is responsible for 75-95% of doctors visits!

Stress plays havoc on our bodies…

It affects our mental and emotional health.

Our immune system.

Our digestive system.

Our reproductive system.

And so much more…

Stress should not be ignored!

For more tips on how to reduce and recover from stress come join my free group Professional Women Wellness Hub

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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