Sometimes when I look at my girl I cry.

Sometimes when I look at my girl I cry.

Tears of joy and love 💗

I can literally feel my heart expanding with the love that I feel for her 🥰

This is relatively new for me.

Pre my burnout (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual exhaustion) I didn’t feel much of anything ❌

I was carrying around so much hurt and pain and fear of life, that I had created many coping mechanisms to numb those heavy emotions that felt too much to bear.

The trouble is you can’t numb some emotions and feel others.

If we numb one we numb them all.

So not only did I numb pain but I also numbed love, joy, happiness and excitement.

It’s moments like this that I can appreciate how far I’ve come in my healing journey.

There’s truth in the saying – Feel to heal.

Are you numb?

Does your life feel lacking in fun, excitement and happiness?

Let me share my learnings with you so that you can feel and heal.

So that you can experience more joy and love too.

DM me the word HEAL to get started ❤️

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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