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That’s my girl!
Before we started working together my client would go to the gym for weight training in her gym shorts and a head full of worries…
What will people think?
Will they laugh at my cellulite?
Will they think my thighs ugly?
She’d ask the gym team if she should put her leggings on which she had ready in her bag.
If she made it into the gym in her shorts she’d catch people looking and sniggering!
She’d feel crushed, her head heavy with shame and cheeks burning up.
But not any more!
Three sessions in and she’s wearing her shorts with pride 💥
Her head is held high as she owns who she is 🔥
When catching those looks she simply smiles at them and carries on.
She knows now in her heart that what other people say and do is not a reflection of her but of them.
She’s being who she is with courage and pride ❤️
Would you like to be who you are with pride?
I’d love to show you how, let’s have a chat. Send me a message x
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