Which of the voices in your head gets the most air time?

Which of the voices in your head gets the most air time?
For my clients it’s the inner critic.
So used to it being there they don’t pay much attention to what it says but they are acting on it!
They procrastinate and hold back from doing what they want.
It can be especially loud anytime they are with other people…
You can’t do that
You’re stupid
You’re ugly
And they’ve believed it!
They’ve stayed quiet, hidden and played it safe.
At work they’ve struggled to speak up, afraid their opinion will be seen as stupid.
With friends they’ve felt like the plain Jane of the group, less attractive and less interesting.
In relationships they’ve tolerated bad behaviour because they’ve felt they don’t deserve any better!
It’s really hard to be natural and carefree when you feel as if someone is watching your every move with judgement…
Even if that someone is them!
In our sessions we tune into what their inner critic is saying and they come to see it’s really rather mean!
Together we challenge the bully in their head and work on strengthening the voice of their inner cheerleader.
You’ve got this
You’re amazing
You can do anything you put your mind to
I support them in growing their confidence and going after what they want. No more playing is safe!!
Are you ready to silence the inner critic?
Do you want to take your life to the next level?
If you do, I want to coach you.
Book your complimentary discovery session today.
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