We bring our life into alignment with the truth of how we feel.

We bring our life into alignment with the truth of how we feel.

Sounds great right?

It’s not so easy for everyone.

Take a client of mine this week, she was buzzing having done a first shift with a homeless food van.

She told her mum of this who responded by wanting to join the experience.

This sent my client into her head, torn between wanting this experience to be something she did just her and not wanting to offend her mum.

They were shopping and my client became not present as she was deep in her conflicting thoughts…

Does she say nothing and help her mum sign up but feel a sense of underlying disappointment?

Or does she speak up and risk offending her mum and possibly causing a fall out?

Both cause a deep sense of guilt and concern of being selfish within her.

Before working together my client would have said nothing to keep the peace yet the disappointment and feeling restricted by not being able to speak her truth would have seeped out of her in passive aggressive ways her mother wouldn’t be able to understand or during a later anger outburst as a result of too many stuffed down truths…

Both creating difficulty in the relationship.

The work my client and I do together allowed my client to observe her people pleasing tendency, notice the inner dialogue and anxiety that came with it, and to have a loving and vulnerable conversation with her mum which was met with a loving and vulnerable response.

My client gets to do her homeless volunteering as a thing just for her, guilt free and she has deepened the relationship with her mum.

This is both the power and beauty of coaching.

If you want to live life on your terms meanwhile creating better relationships and freeing yourself from resentment, guilt and anxiety let’s have a conversation about how we can work together 💜

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