A good life is not in the absence of problems and challenges

A good life is not in the absence of problems and challenges.

It’s in the ability to move through them.

Problems and challenges are an innate facet of life.

If you view problems and challenges as that, then that is how you will experience them. You will become stuck in them and they will create havoc in your mind.

If you view them as an opportunity to grow and learn, they become your power.

That’s not to say you should stick a smile on it and fake optimism throughout them…

Just as problems are an innate facet of life so too are some of the ‘darker’ emotions like hurt and fear.

They are to be felt and experienced, to be grown through and learned from. If you resist them and the messages they bring they will become stuck and create destruction in your body.

Embracing problems and challenges as a gift is an easy concept to understand…

The embodiment of it requires inner work to create a fundamental shift in your thinking and way of being.

And that’s where I come in because you see being stuck in a way of thinking that perpetuated problems was my pain and now it’s my power!

And I use that power to help other women turn their pain into their power.

To build resilience and a way of being that creates a more pleasant experience of life.

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