What if we could be more like the tree?

As Faith and I went for a walk I noticed a beautiful tree.

Looking closer I noticed it had two stories running at one time.

Parts of it were bright green, as it would be in summer and other parts of it were burnt oranges and reds, as it would be in Autumn.

I got to thinking about how as humans we often label ourselves as one or the other –

Happy OR sad
Successful OR failing
Right OR wrong

The need to create ourselves as one OR the other leads to a flip flopping between the two and this makes for a volatile life journey as we move between the associated highs and lows.

What if we could be more like the tree?

Happy in some areas of life AND sad in others at the same time..

Successful in some areas AND not so much in others…

Right AND wrong all at the same time…

If like the tree, we make room for two stories running at the same time, we can create a broader and smoother life journey.

I coach my clients to shift out of either/or thinking into both/and thinking resulting in less stress and less suffering 💜

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