Who here is suffering with an autoimmune illness?

Who here is suffering with an autoimmune illness?

This might just trigger the crap out of you AND be the knowledge that changes your life for the amazing!

I created my autoimmune condition and you are creating yours too…

That’s right I was responsible for my body attacking itself.

How you ask?

Because day in day out I was attacking myself with my mind.

That was crap Nat

You asked a stupid question Nat

You didn’t ask a question at all you dumbass mute Nat

You took too long Nat

You should’ve done that differently Nat

You’re too fat Nat

You’re lazy Nat

You’re ugly Nat

You get the picture…

It was a tall order for me to find something I liked about myself and that I had done well to satisfaction.

My thinking pattern was to look for fault in ALL things related to me. I was relentless in my commitment to digging myself out.

To be honest it was such a deeply embedded pattern that I didn’t notice it consciously half the time.

It was chattering away in the background. I was often oblivious to it and the impact it was having on me.

I tried everything I could to fix my failing body.

From doctors and specialists and naturopaths and herbs and tinctures and supplements and strict diets and they all helped a little, for a little while.

However, none of them were able to stop my body attacking itself.

It wasn’t until I invested in a coach that I was able to see how I was harming myself with my thinking.

My body was showing me myself.

My body was acting as a mirror.

In learning to understand the mirror, to translate its message and to use that knowledge to create a new way of thinking, one that created my body healing and repairing, I have been able to release myself from any suffering related to autoimmunity.

I’ve all but forgotten I have it!

As a coach I am skilled in providing a mirror for you to see what you have not been able to see.

I help you to understand and translate the mirror that your body is providing.

It’s so challenging to recognise and see these patterns within ourselves and the ways in which they are entrenched in our way of being.

And it’s tough to create the change needed to create the change desired alone.

You might get there eventually… with help you’ll get there so much more quickly!

In bringing this awareness to you in a coaching space, we empower you to create new supportive patterns that have a direct impact on your body attacking itself, or not!

If you are wanting to heal your body and you are willing to be as committed to your health as you currently are to unhealthy thinking?

Reach out.

If you are willing to be relentless in your pursuit for your health, hire me and together we will create your health and happiness 💜

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