“You’ve still got some of your belly from when you had a baby”

“You’ve still got some of your belly from when you had a baby”

Said my gorgeous and truth speaking nephew as he reached up and rubbed my tummy.

“Yes darling I do and I don’t mind if it stays, it reminds me just how amazing me and my body are, we grew a beautiful human being and that’s a miracle worth remembering ❤️”

The relationship with my body has been a complicated one over the years.

I’ve punished it

I’ve rejected it

I’ve hidden it

I’ve starved it

I’ve over fed it

I’ve deprived it

I’ve berated it

I’ve hated it

Some days I still find myself judging it unkindly.

When I catch myself doing this I gently remind myself that my lovability is not based on how my body looks.

I remind myself I am enough regardless of what shape my body is.

I remind myself of the beautiful gift my body birthed.

I remind myself what’s more important is how I show up with love for myself and others.

I remind myself that it’s ok that sometimes I get caught up in what I look like.

And then I love myself some more ❤️

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