That was different!

I don’t usually do yin yoga 🧘‍♀️

It’s the kind where you get into a pose and then hold it for 3-5 minutes.

I usually do a vinyasa yoga, the kind that flows through a sequence of poses. So you’re DOING throughout.

The yin I did today required me to BE rather than DO.

As I stayed in the poses for the 3-5 minutes I was able to observe my mind and all the places it went to.

Whilst my body was BEING my mind was keen to keep DOING!

That itch on my foot…

Shit that email I didn’t do…

What’s that sound over there…

Am I doing this right…

The time in the pose gave me an opportunity to observe my mind and it’s patterns.

It gave me an opportunity for self inquiry.

In gifting myself this space to observe how I BE I am able to understand how my life is what it is.

Our thoughts and more importantly how we act on them are how we create our reality.

In the absence of slowing down to hear our thoughts we are simply taking unconscious action in reaction to them.

When we are able to slow enough to hear them, we can consciously choose our response.

It enables us to shape our life and choose our reality.

Want to sit in a space together and learn how to consciously create your reality?

Let’s create magic together ❤️

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