Love from a place of fear is painful…

Fear that we are not enough

Fear that we will be hurt

Fear that we will be left

We shut down

We feel disconnected

We feel lonely

We are poised for danger

We lash out

We push away

We assume the worst

We are defensive

We judge

We create what we were afraid of…

Love from a place of love is joyful

We are trusting

We are open

We are receptive

We are connected

We are inspired

We are supported

We are collaborative

We create our hearts desires…

How are you loving?

From fear or from love?

If loving for you is painful let’s work through that fear together…

Let’s create a life where loving for you is joyful.

You deserve to experience all that is wonderful about love ❤️

Reach out to book your discovery session to get started.

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