Do you find it hard to say no?

Do you find it hard to say no?

Do you find it hard to say ‘Hey I’m not ok with that’?

You’re not alone!

Boundaries is an area I cover with almost all of my clients.

Are you feeling; burned out, run down, angry, disrespected or like you’ve lost yourself?

These are all signs that your boundaries need some work…

Boundaries aren’t a punishment to others and they don’t make you a bad person.

In fact, quite the opposite!Boundaries are there to protect your energy, health and emotional wellbeing.

When you feel good in yourself, you can show up as your most loving and compassionate self in all your relationships rather than the tired, resentful and worn out version of you that can’t say no…

Here are my top 5 tips on How To Set Boundaries:

1 – Break the habit of giving an automatic yes

Buy yourself some time with a line such as – I’ll need to check on that and come back to you

2 – Prepare ahead

Practice your decline beforehand.

Use words that feel most comfortable for you and get used to hearing yourself say them out loud.

3 – Be clear

Don’t say maybe when you mean no…

Don’t say yes knowing you’ll cancel later.

4 – Be concise

You don’t need to explain at all, you certainly don’t need to over explain.

No is a complete sentence!

5 – Accept that it will be uncomfortable to start with

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, at least in the beginning as you get used to hearing yourself say no and others get used to you saying no.

P.S. My The Journey Back To You online programme can help you get to grips with boundaries and so much more.

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