What does balance even mean?

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create. – Jana Kingsford Balance!!

That thing we are all after in our lives…

That thing that once we’ve got it, we’ve nailed it.



At least not in my experience with myself and clients.

As quickly as you get it, you’ll lose it…

What does balance even mean?

When I drill down with clients it often becomes apparent that balance means to have a routine that includes doing all of the things they think they SHOULD be doing.

Eating well

Sleeping well


You know all the usual stuff…

So they throw themselves into a routine that’s got it all.

And they’re winning 🔥🔥

Until something happens…

A night out

A birthday


Partner wants take out

And now they’ve ‘ruined’ their clean sheet of being ‘balanced’ somewhere in their mind they say f*ck it!

And it all goes out the window.

They go in the other direction and do none of the things that featured in their ‘balanced’ routine…

So was it really ever balance 🤔

Or was it more like one side of a pendulum swing…

Followed by a swing to the other side of the pendulum?

If this sounds familiar you are welcome to come and join my FREE Masterclass – How to create BALANCE in your life

Starts Monday 12th April.

All you have to do is –

* Come and join my pop up group – Creating BALANCE in your life

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