12 months apart and a whole lot more hair!

What’s my secret?


Special shampoos

A hair care routine


Self love is the key 🔑

To create change in our outer world, we must create change on our inner world.

I loved myself enough to find a way to love myself more.

First I stopped judging myself (and assuming others judged me too) for having wild curly hair.

I hung up the straighteners 12 months ago and embraced my natural curls.

Second I went within with the help of a coach (yes coaches need coaches too – we can’t cover our own blind spots).

Deep within to find the thought patterns and trauma responses in my subconscious that were keeping my nervous system in a state of stress.

This stress was pumping out hormones that caused hair loss.

I made the unconscious, conscious and with that I gifted myself health on so many levels.

There’s no quick fix.

Whether it’s hair growth, weight loss, motivation, happiness or whatever it is you desire.

I’ll say it again.

If we want change in our outer world, we must create change in our inner world.

If you’d like some help to create more self awareness so that you can break free from what you currently can not see, drop me a message and we can talk about the ways I can support you.

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