Dear younger versions of myself

Dear younger versions of myself

I’m sorry…

For pushing you so hard when you were tired.

For making you feel guilty for resting.

I’m sorry…

For bullying you.

Saying you are too fat.

Your hair is too curly.

Your skin is too spotty.

I’m sorry..

For doubting your intelligence.

Your ability.

Your magic.

I’m sorry…

For feeding you too much at times.

Too little at others.

I’m sorry…

For denying you nourishment.

The pleasures in life.

I’m sorry…

For forcing you to go against who you truly are.

For rejecting your true self.

I’m sorry…

For giving too much to others and too little to you.

For putting everyone else before you.

I’m sorry…

For trying to control you.

For not letting you be free flowing.

I’m sorry…

For judging you and comparing you to others.

I’m sorry…

For making you feel you were unloved and unworthy.

I’m sorry…

You are enough.

You are worthy.

You are loved.

With unconditional love from You 💜

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