I recently asked myself – What do I like about myself?

I recently asked myself – What do I like about myself?

Once upon a time that would have been quite difficult to answer.

I wouldn’t have been able to come up with much.

In fact the question would have made me squirm a little (a lot).

This time I came up with 19 things straight off the bat! 19 freaking things I like about me and it was so easy!!

It seems doing the inner work and falling in love with myself over recent years is really paying off ❤️❤️I see me.

I like me.

I love me.

My enjoyment of life itself is directly correlated to how much self love I have.

Why don’t you give it a go…

How many things do you like about you?

How comfortable is the question for you?

If you’re finding it hard to find things you like about you let’s have a conversation.

In the comfort of a coaching session I can support you in removing blocks to seeing your own brilliance.

I can support you in falling in love with you.

I can support your in receiving more enjoyment from life.

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