It sure has been a journey for me…

It sure has been a journey for me…

It was a learned behaviour from a young age so I didn’t realise it but I was a chameleon…

I presented the version of me that I felt would be acceptable to whoever I encountered!

I lived the opposite to authentically.

I had such self doubt and insecurity and I tried my best to live up to the expectations of family, friends, society… and yet I always, always felt like I came up short or got it wrong some how.

It was an exhausting burden to carry and age 35 I crashed and burned and eventually took the nudge from the universe (read giant shove) to do the inner work to discover my authentic self.

Now 41 it’s a journey that continues and is one I love. I so enjoy going within and wading through my shadows and rejected parts only to emerge more loving and accepting of me and as a bolder and truer expression of myself.

I continue to explore and discover the real essence of who I am.

Part of my true self expression is connecting with other beautiful souls and sharing the learnings and wisdoms from my own journey with them so as to support and speed up their transformation.

The Journey Back To You 8 week group container begins in December and is a heart led inspirational blueprint for authentic living with joy and soul, a loving guide to shining bright as your most amazing authentic self.

Alternatively we can do 1:1 coaching for a personalised immersive experience.

Send me a message when you’re ready to step into your authentic self 💜

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