And we are back!

Chicken pox has left the building 👋🏾 my darling daughter is back having fun with all the kids at the childminders, thank you to all that sent her well wishes last week 💜

And I’m in my favourite seat in Starbucks getting up to speed with my clients and business 💜

Last week could have been stressful if I had let it be with inner chatter along the lines of –

😩 I’ve got to cancel all my client sessions and let people down

😩 I don’t have time for this

😩 I’ve got work to do

😩 This is so inconvenient

😩 I am all alone in this with no one to help me

😩 I am stuck in my house like a prisoner

And to be honest for the first day and a half I did have some of these stories running, I am but human after all.

I could feel the frustration in me rising and my shoulders getting closer and closer to my ears as my body carried the tension…

Usually I can squeeze a bit of work in around being a mum but with Faith being poorly she wanted my attention at all times and it just wasn’t possible (a sleep regression meant only a 15-30 minute nap too!).

Not being productive is something I have to really work at, it was ingrained in me from a young age to always be doing something and whilst I’m unlearning this, it still shows up at times.

I had a choice, stress over what I couldn’t control or take a breath and surrender to what is…

I chose to breath and surrender leaning into my knowing that it’s in the wanting what is to be different that we create our suffering.

And so we had a lovely unplanned week together with no where to be and no thing to do other than be present with each other.

Faith got the mummy time she wanted and needed and I got to grow as a person.

Do you find yourself frustrated and tense when unexpected situations arise that you can’t control?

Does your never ending to do list intrude your mind and prevent you being present?

Do you want to gift yourself beautiful mindset tools that create you being resilient in whatever life throws at you and the ability to be with what is with ease and grace?

My forthcoming 8 week group learning and coaching container The Journey Back To You, will provide you with these tools and so many more for living life with peace of mind and heart.

We can also work together one to one for a bespoke and immersive transformation.

If you are committed to living and loving you well connect with me to consider next steps for you 💜

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