It’s easy to post the good bits isn’t it?

It’s easy to post the good bits isn’t it?

It’s also easy to hide and brush over the other bits…

I have tough days too.

I’m going to try and be more upfront about them.

Today was one of those days…

I’m tired and due on, my energy is low.

My patience was thin.

And my darling Faith has been uncharacteristically needy and cranky.

You know one of those days where it feels like they are feeding every 5 minutes and wants to cry and thrash around for 15 minutes before falling asleep – 4 times!

It’s these days where the lessons and tools I’ve learned regarding mindset really come in useful.

It’s in the challenges that they make the difference.

They help me keep my head, my sanity.

They help me find my peace amongst the chaos.

They help me remain loving and patient through my frustration.

Today I needed to use those tools.

Today I needed to remind myself to breathe.

They helped.

As will some sleep, so I’m off to bed 💤

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