I feel more woman than ever before…

I am woman, I am fearless
I am sexy, I’m divine
I’m unbeatable, I’m creative
Honey, you can get in line

I am feminine, I am masculine
I am anything I want
I can teach you, I can love you
If you got it going on

I am woman – Emmy Meli

This song is singing to my soul 💗

I feel more woman than ever before…

I’ve spent the last six years shaking off all the shoulds…

I should be thinner
I should be more successful
I should be smarter
I should be kinder
I should be funnier
I should be more interesting
I should be a mother by now
I should be married by now
I should exercise more
I should eat better

Damn the weight of all that expectation was heavy!

And that’s not even the half of it…

I’ve peeled back all the layers and reconnected with who I was before I got shoulded all over!

I’ve been on a journey back to my authentic self. Back to ME.

And I feel fucking amazing truth be told!

This healing malarkey is worth it’s weight in gold.

I feel happy and light and free.

I feel I can do anything I want.

I feel love for myself and for my life.

I’ve combined all my learnings so far into an intensive 8 week group coaching programme – The Journey Back To You.

This programme changes lives!

I share with you the insights, tools and techniques that have changed my outlook on life beyond recognition.

I show you how to create a strong mindset so that you can be more resilient and have solid bounce back ability.

I guide you through releasing all the shoulds and reconnecting with who you really are, what you want and what your passions are.

I support you on your healing journey and give you the tools to continue to excel your happiness beyond the 8 weeks.

The next cohort begins Sunday 16th January 2022.

Places are limited, to reserve yours and learn more click HERE.

Ready to change your life?

2, 4 and 6 month payment plans available.

Let’s go… 🔥🔥🔥

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