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The last few days have been intense!!(Thanks Gemini full moon and start of Venus retrograde… take what resonates, leave what doesn’t!).

I’ve had so many things coming up.

All sorts of emotions –




Heavy eyes

Low energy

I’ve had triggers coming at me left right and centre too! 🤯🤯

I couldn’t make much sense of it all or understand where it was coming from.

I just knew I was feeling it all intensely.

In the past my inclination would have been to push it away…

Either do something positive to counteract it or eat sugar and stuff it down.

Instead I have been learning to just let it be.

To let go of control and just trust the process.

Today my patience has been rewarded.

I’ve had all sorts of epiphanies 💡

Now the triggers and the people that delivered them all make sense!

They happened to lead me to realisations that fuel my growth and healing.

More evidence that life is happening for me not to me and that the path of least resistance is to surrender.

Now I’m buzzing!!

I feel elated!

Quite the opposite of the last few days.

I know I’ve shifted some shit!

I know I’ve just brought toxic patterns and limiting beliefs into my awareness so that I can let them go.

I know that I am healing ❤️

Healing ain’t always pretty…

It is always worth it!

In my experience healing is a bit of a learned skill.

There are some tools that help us through it.

They stop us from running away and not dealing with what needs to be healed so that we can feel free.

If you want to learn these skills so that you can heal drop me a message or book a complimentary discovery session.

Trust me… you want some of what I’m on today!

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