I dump nice guys…

Well I did!

Not because they are nice but because it didn’t feel right.

You see we seek (subconsciously) to recreate what we know and what I knew was emotional and physical unavailability.

My blueprint was for love to feel absent, unavailable and chaotic.

(No judgment of my parents here please. We are all doing the best we can with the cards we are dealt. Also just because this was my truth doesn’t mean it was THE truth).

And so that’s what I sought to recreate in my relationships.

When dating a ‘nice’ aka emotionally available person it felt uncomfortable because it wasn’t familiar. It wasn’t chaotic. I wasn’t having to chase.

If I’m blunt it often felt kind of dull and lacking in sexual chemistry…

But what I thought was chemistry was actually my nervous system lit up from the chaos!

Of course I didn’t know this and just kept repeating the cycle of dating unhealthy matches and overlooking the available and stable.

We can’t address what we can’t see!

Only when we bring something into our awareness can we do something about it.

That’s what coaching did for me. It gave me a different perspective and the tools to look at my patterns objectively.

That’s what has allowed me to create change. To break painful cycles. To let go of that shit!

Are you ready to do the same?

I’ve combined all my learnings so far into an intensive 8 week group coaching programme –
The Journey Back To You.


This programme will change your life!!

• You will experience more happiness 💜

• You will have a deeper understanding of who you are and how and why you show up as you do 💜

• You will have the tools to create change in your life 💜

• You will free yourself from the shackles of expectation and shoulds 💜

• You will reconnect with your passion for life 💜

• You will have improved connection with loved ones 💜

• You will have more energy 💜

The next cohort begins 16th January 2022

Places are limited to enhance the experience

Reserve your place today at the Early Bird price. Payment plans available.

Link to book and find out more HERE.

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