I’ve only gone and made it to my yoga mat for a fourth time this week 🔥🧘‍♀️

I’ve only gone and made it to my yoga mat for a fourth time this week 🔥🧘‍♀️

Now some of those have only been 10 minutes long.

But that’s 10 minutes I didn’t do last week!

In the past I’ve used yoga, something that is so good for mind, body and soul, to hurt myself.

That’s right!

It’s one of the ways I acted out my perfectionist trait…

I would tell myself I needed to fo yoga every day.

I would push my sore, aching body even when it needed a rest 😵‍💫

And if I didn’t do it for one day, that often led to two and then three and then before I knew it three months had gone by!!

You see in my mind I had ruined my clean sheet of daily yoga so what was the bloody point!

I’d go into self destruct and stop altogether until one day I’d get back on it.

And then the pattern would repeat…

This pattern came into my awareness and I decided to let that shit go 👋🏾

I no longer use yoga to hurt myself.

It’s genuine self care as it’s intended because I have balance now.

I might only get around to doing yoga once next week and that’s ok. Importantly I am ok with that ❤️

I no longer need a clean sheet. It’s no longer all or nothing.

Something is better than nothing and perfect doesn’t even exist.

Do you find yourself caught in a similar loop of boom and bust?

Could perfectionism being ruining your best efforts?

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