Are you feeling the moon energy?

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I took a nap today 🙊🙊

Anyone that knows me knows this is very unusual behaviour…

I never used to rest. Well until I hit the wall and was forced to.

I was so disconnected from my own body I completely missed the cues some down time was needed and secondly some very loud inner chatter had me believing I had to keep being productive!

Not anymore…

These days I am as gentle, kind, soft and nurturing with myself as I am with others.

I now feel that I am just as worthy of the love and grace that I give to others.

(The chatter can still appear but now I hear it and consciously respond with action that loves me better).

So with this super full moon 🌕 today kicking my arse! I gifted myself a guilt free nap 💤

I’m giving myself the space to rest and do what the moon energy asks, go within and learn more about myself so I can get one step closer to home.

Are you feeling the moon energy?

I feel its going one way or the other… wiped out or buzzing.

Which are you? 🐺 🌕

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